Social Media and Adolescents

A prominent ethical dilemma which is surging through today’s society is the inappropriate use of social media by adolescents and teenagers. Social media and its many outlets are in and of themselves not necessarily, “bad,” they just tend to be a double edged blades which have swung in the wrong direction. With the expulsion of mass media at an all-time high it is becoming harder and harder to control what is posted on the internet. Unfortunately, our younger generations are soaking up these social “norms” and are desperately trying to emulate them in order to “fit-in” or act older than they really are. Examining the female spectrum especially, we see the uploading of dubiously improper photos/videos on Instagram by young girls only in their middle school years; which is extremely dangerous due to the app’s vast community of adults who may not adhere to child protection laws.


As a solution, I believe parents need to be reimbursed with the authority they deserve; meaning that society should give back the respect which was lost during the insurgence of media. Especially on TV, there has been an unfortunate portrayal of family life which promotes poor parenting and houses overrun by child whim and demand. Once again, kids these days are inspired by these antics and immediately transfer their newly found ways to act on their parents. I am not suggesting the full on ban or restriction of all social media in households; what I am trying to propose is a stronger monitoring of what children post on social media. Despite our efforts to delete browsing history or use discreet search engines, there are always ways of finding these scandalous posts. In addition, it is just a good habit to get into when entering the professional workforce. Being cognizant of what you upload on Facebook or Instagram greatly reflects how your employers will see you as a person. For more reading on the social media epidemic in teenagers click here.




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